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BonBon's Sour Wild Strawberry Fish

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy BonBon candy and we therefore strive to have as many of our products as possible be vegan, gluten free and made with natural colorants. Our very own produced Sour Wild Strawberry Fish is made as such and hoped to be loved by all!

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    A wide selection of sweet, sour, chocolate and black licorice that can be mixed and matched! All our candy is imported from Sweden, made with real sugar and free of GMO's.

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    A nostalgic collection of nordic chocolate bars, boxes, candy bags and wrapped specialties, as well as recent creations and collaborations from up and coming candy makers.

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    A shop curated for our candy enthusiasts. Featuring our classic dad hats, Oompa Loompa t-shirts and hoodies as well as limited edition collaborations with fellow NYC creatives.

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