The BonBon Box


All loyal subjects of the 
Magic BonBon Kingdom 
Are hereby notified by royal proclamation of a noble release. 
Together with the House of R.O.H and the House of Choplet, two family-owned New York businesses, we are delighted to announce theThe BonBon Box”.
This rare box is handmade by the hands of Nadeige Choplet, a master in sculpture and ceramics and founder of Choplet Ceramic Studio in Brooklyn. Fired in BonBons signature bubblegum pink and its handle dipped in 24ct gold, this boxwill serve as your everlasting candy decor. 
The box features a coin slot, paying tribute to the penny bank, in which many children keep their savings for their next candy store visit.
We are donating $50 per bowl of the proceeds to our cherished organization “World Childhood Foundation” 
“Childhood USA's mission is to defend the rights of the child and to promote better living conditions for vulnerable and exploited children at risk all over the world. We fight to give children the opportunity to develop into strong, secure and responsible human beings.”
The Box in it's raw stage.
Handle carving.
Elevated bottom.
First firing.
Pre glaze.
Ready to be glazed in bubblegum pink.
Nadeige Choplet sharing her wisdom.
The box handle is ready to be hand painted in liquid gold.
The box handle is ready to be hand painted in liquid gold.
Max and Rico in charge of the liquid gold :-).
R.O.H and Choplet signing each unique bowl.
Edition of 15, signed and numbered. 
The BonBon Box.
Creative wizards of R.O.H Max and Rico and Candy Grandmaster Bob Persson.
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